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At J Marshall Constructions we pride ourselves on our personalised service, clear communication and the quality of our work – attributes that have contributed to more than 50 years combined experience in the construction industry.

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We are Residential Builders located on the Central Coast of NSW.

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J Marshall Constructions offer a fully customised Residential Design and Construction Service located in Wyong on the Central Coast of NSW.

Why Choose “Custom”

by Jody Marshall
Director, J Marshall Constructions

Choosing your Builder is one of the most important decisions you will make in the overall process. Whether you are a developer, first home builder or have been through this experience numerous times, the selection of your Builder must be based on trust, transparency and the mutual understanding that communication is key!

A “Custom” designed and built house presents you with many advantages. Whilst “generic” or “project” homes can often assist those of us that struggle to visualise or believe we don’t have the creative ability, they can limit our options and choices significantly.


As a Custom Builder, J Marshall Constructions always starts with your site. Your design is created to suit your site! Sounds simple but it’s the foundation of your project that a pre-designed, generic home can’t do to the same level of detail.


Sadly, there seems to be a myth that Custom = Expensive.

Time and time again, our Clients are pleasantly surprised by just how competitive we are. “Custom” gives you choices and you are always in control of the selections that you make. The level of finish is determined by you. Tapware, appliances, flooring, window coverings, Kitchen finishes – you are not locked into a package.

We pride ourselves in the level of quality our standard ranges and recommendations have. However, with J Marshall Constructions, you have the freedom to upgrade where and when you see fit, ensuring you are in control of your budget.


A custom designed and built home allows for individuality, where your ideas and inspirations are transformed onto paper to create your very own, personalised design. We seek to ensure your home is a reflection of you and your uniqueness and has a point of difference you can be proud of.


A Custom Builder gives you the opportunity to be involved throughout all stages of your build. We ensure the process is enjoyable. We don’t expect you to make all your selections in one sitting! We support you through each step ensuring you are making informed decisions.
The “process” for a custom home is quite different to that of a project home. The personalised service and attention to detail are second to none. You will never be a number, each home is different, each selection meeting is different.


Last but not least, one thing many of us overlook at the time of selecting a Design/Builder is “Resale”. Whilst for many of us, that is a distant consideration, it’s an important one, nonetheless.

More often than not, at some stage most of us will look to sell and buy or rebuild! A custom home presents countless advantages to a potential new buyer and gives you a unique point of difference in the market.

As an established custom builder on the Central Coast now for nearly 20 years, we proudly receive regular calls from buyers looking to purchase a J Marshall Constructions built home. There is no greater compliment than having a reputation for quality craftmanship and exceptional attention to detail.