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Custom Homes Central Coast - Jody Marshall Constructions

Site Selection (Part 1)

by Jody Marshall
Director, J Marshall Constructions

Sourcing the site for your first home, your investment property or your executive residence is extremely important – many things need to be considered.

I have put together a summary of the questions you should be asking. This will enable you to achieve a more affordable, suitable and liveable home whilst avoiding any pitfalls once construction commences.

Solar Orientation

  • Which way does the sun rise and set?
  • Which rooms will face north, south, east & west?
  • Where do rooms need to be positioned to allow for more or less sunlight?

Position of Services & Utilities

  • Is there sewer, water, NBN and storm water disposal available to my site?
  • Do any of the above services run through the property which in turn could affect the positioning of the house or the need to relocate (can be an expensive exercise)?

Prevailing Breeze

  • Where does the nice north east sea breeze (NSW) come from?
  • What direction will the southerly change come from?
  • What direction will the hot north westerly winds come from?

Topography of the Site

  • How much fall is across the site? (It always looks less than it actually is)
  • Is the site suitable for slab on ground construction? Does it need to be built on a timber floor (Bearers and Joists)? Or is it more suited to split level or two storey?

Views or Outlook

  • Is there a view or an outlook from the building site?
  • Could it be lost by being built out by a neighbouring property one day?
  • Would I achieve a better outlook by raising the lower floor level or changing the position of the building on the site?


  • Are there any significant trees that should be retained? These can often compliment your home and provide shade.
  • Will I be able to get permission to remove the trees or will the local authority not allow their removal?
  • How do the trees on neighbouring properties impact my site?
  • Could earthworks on my site be impacted by neighbouring trees?
  • What positive or negative affect could shading from trees have on my proposed project?